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consumption: bardot baby, it’s time for spring shopping

Part I of the spring/summer shopping revue.

.   .   .

Bond girl in the winter months, and Bardot-meets-70s-Ibizia by spring and summer. It’s amazing what an extra hour of Vitamin D can do for the soul. And the skin; caramel macchiato tan, here I come.

For a while now I’ve been hunting for the perfect denim jacket. Too blue. Too dark. Too cropped. Too nineties. I promise you I’m not that high maintenance in reality; I’m just a girl with, for better or for worse, perfectionist tendencies.

I found it. At H&M, no less, from their Divided line for Spring 2012. A light, slightly distressed wash with rose gold buttons and cinched detailing at the back. It hits just above the hip bones – the perfect length for pants or dresses without cutting me off. Worn cuffed always; I haven’t stopped wearing it.

Classic white tee made trendy with a sheer fabric and high-low hemline.

Another favorite spring find – a pastel peach blouse from Forever 21. A sheer, button-down vest top reminiscent of something Marilyn or Brigitte Bardot would wear over a cream balconette bra or bikini, tied nonchalantly about the hips. Just the slightest hint of skin – leave them guessing.

Ignore the wrinkles if you must. I think they give a shirt character. I hate when things look new for a specific outfit. So pretentious, methinks.

.   .   .


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consumption: rory beca x forever 21

Contrary to popular belief (or the majority of wardrobe, for that matter), I love color.

I do. (See previous few posts if you’re not convinced.) 

Color is empowerment; it is the essence of positive dressing, the crucial element. Color brings out emotions and conjures the mood. It sets the ambiance. It is the tone, the setting, the foreground and background to your story. Color is both your first impression and your last.

Black is both my staple and safety net. But come any hint of spring – a thermometer inching its way up the scale, waking up to warm sunlight – all things bright and colorful and sheer come out of hiding. Blacks lie buried beneath lucid streams of vivid hues. I’d have forgotten what black even was…

… I haven’t had the courage (nor the patience) to venture into Forever 21 for over a year now. It’s too overwhelming, for one, and I’ve been having a love affair – or relationship, since it’s been so long now – with a Swedish someone with the initials H and M.

It’s too bad I have a wandering eye.

I went back to the infamous F21, a fling from summers past. What was once lost was found, passion reignited. I saw not stars, but color. Peach. Pinks. Beach-y blues, bright teals. I felt not butterflies, but a sudden (and unstoppable) urge to grab everything. One of each, please. Whoever said the color of love was red was wrongIt’s all the above, good sir.

It would be a woman who would prove those old, adage-writing, wiry-haired men wrong.* In the area of color theory and symbolism, specifically, Rory Beca would be our modern-day savior. She knows what women want. We want color! Love is color, and color, love. It stands for possibility. Excitement. Adventure. Fun. Desire.

And that was exactly what her collaboration with Forever 21 embodied: the very essence of spring. You know; twitterpation and all that jazz.

I told myself my ideal future spring/summer wardrobe would consist entirely of Rory Beca. But the future ended up not being so far away, and this ideal wardrobe was more attainable than expected. Instant gratification at its finest, I’d say. The tops may not be silk, but they’re still well made given the notorious F21 reputation and price tag. And they’re beautiful. Really. I’d wear them for the rest of the season, on rotation, if I could…

The first top that caught my eye. Sits nonchalantly at the waist and hits right above the hips. Summer is about skin – caramel macchiato, golden-browned skin – and this top is exactly that. Easy, breezy, beautiful, with a low V-front and delicate T-back. It’s an unapologetic bright coral-pink that complements a tan gloriously. And the cream embroidery – the perfect amount of detail.

Hot coral is hot indeed.

Forever’s take on a Rory Beca classic, silk vest top. Pearled buttons down the fuchsia, polyester (!) front, and a greyed jersey panel on the back. Another easy, everyday top that begs to be worn with a matching lip. The perfect combo: Essence lip liner in “Cute Pink” (no. 7) + Buxom lip gloss in “Laura.”

And even more perfect worn with a skinny cropped, black pant and pumps.

Remember when I said I used to avoid pink at all costs? I make exceptions for fuchsia.

This. This little number. This gauzy, teal little number. It’s not much when hanging from a hanger, but even on the F21 racks I had this feeling that it would be the one: the ultimate day dress come spring and summer. And it is. Beautifully cut in all the right places in a tan-enhancing shade of blue-green.

It’s a lucky dress, this one. The two times I’ve worn this have been lucky days (and nights) indeed…

I think I’ll call this my lucky dress. I also have a freakum dress, did you know? Beyonce says every lady should have one.

.   .   .


Editor’s Note:
Totally kidding. But not. But kind of. This is what happens when you write under the influence (of multiple cups of green tea!) at wee hours of the morning.