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things i love (thursday)

A rack of Hervé Léger that gives me heart palpitations. One day. I’m (humbly) growing my collection of bandage dresses, one dress at a time.

Sorbet colored nails. Specifically newly acquired bottles of Essie’s “A Crewed Interest” and Revlon’s “Blue Lagoon.” One a beautiful pastel peach, the other the prettiest of light blues strewn with fine specks of glitter, both delicious against a tan. They remind me of summer, even when in a window-less office for eight hours. It’s amazing how color is so transformative and influential.

Back to being a working girl. Not that I ever stopped. While I enjoyed the flexibility that came with working as, essentially, a freelancer, I loved stepping foot into an office again, more. Sure, dressing up is part of the fun, but being around people – always buzzing, always brainstorming – and being physically part of something, is invigorating.

Bowls of fruit. Watermelon. Kiwi. Strawberries. All freshly diced and sliced to bring color and undeniable juiciness into the world. Sweet and tangy, all in a bit. This must be what summer in heaven tastes like.

Bellydancing. It feels so good to be a woman. So good. Did I tell you – my hip scarf never leaves my handbag.

Tropical floral prints. It’s all I see and all I want. Pencil skirts, dresses, bikinis. In an island print or darker, Peter Pilotti pattern, I have no discretion. I don’t think I’ve ever loved – nonetheless liked – a trend so much. Zara and Webster Miami for Target – you do me proud.

.   .   .


P.S.: A few weeks ago I was given the “Sunshine Award” by Kelly Ann – thank you love!

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6 thoughts on “things i love (thursday)

  1. That’s a pretty nice list kiddo. I was nodding my head in agreement while reading it.
    Spent Monday and Tuesday in your town, had a blast. I love what Mayor Bloomberg has done with beautifying the city. It’s much “greener” than the last time I was there.


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