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smart shopping is sexy: isabel marant vs. gap

I’m a huge contender of smart shopping, and an even bigger advocate for women’s financial literacy: save more, buy more. A totally twisted philosophy I was bred upon, and will now try to impose upon you. It’s all rationalization, really. Do you need it? Or do you want it? If it doesn’t make your heart palpitate and get your mind racing, it’s not love. And it’s not worth it.

Put it down, slowly. You can do it.

Learn to balance the practical and the desirable. Smart shopping is sexy. It shows you’re a woman who know what she wants and exactly when to get it. You are always in control of your desires – but also aren’t afraid to unleash them. Think like a coquette, always!

… and now, my latest window-shopping find:

There’s a fine line between a look-for-less and the authentic thing, one between inspiration and blatant disregard for an artist’s work that is too oft blurred and indiscernible. I have no problem with pieces with a strong influence from an iconic brand, as but a trickle-down effect is only natural.

Take, for example, Gap’s rendition of the highly coveted cable-knit sweater from Isabel Marant S/S 2011, as modeled by Kasia Struss.

Even pre-Marant craze I could never resist a chunky knit, worn one size up for optimum toasty-roastiness, of course, and paired with leggings, skinnies or over a fitted skirt. The je ne sais quoi factor is undeniable regardless of how it’s worn: pulled off the shoulder, rolled at the sleeves, dressed smartly or thrown on — making its cult status nearly inevitable.

But it’s the color that makes the piece: a marled burgundy with speckles of pink and taupe throughout the knit. I’ve not an inkling of doubt when I say berry/magenta shades will always be on pointe during the fall season. I’m not one to wear color, but graying weather somehow always persuades me to forgo my usual, all-black wardrobe for something with color. A rich, jewel-tone berry never fails, and it just so happens to complement a fading tan incredibly well…

I’m hardly surprised that Gap’s A/W collection has the closest approximation of the Marant pullover. Gap’s creative efforts in a branding makeover (over the past few years) have been incredibly successful – their collections are always impressive. Classic, yet always on point (this sweater is a prime example). For $59.95, it’s far more attainable than the original Marant; I even prefer it’s coloring. Still, it’s a bit pricier than I’d like, but considering cost-per-wear, it’d be a steal…

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