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autumn classics: the essentials for every fall wardrobe

I don’t believe in trends. But you knew that already.

fall essentials - the classics & lust list

  1. the Cropped Shearling Jacket (by MICHAEL Michael Kors): Nothing says luxurious better than a faux/vintage fur coat. I’ll be honest here, in the interest of full disclosure — I’m not particularly opposed to fur coats so long as they were obtained in an ethical manner/vintage/etc. In any case, shearling is luxe sans the pretension. Throw it over anything and everything. I get the heebie-jeebies at the thought of just how good it can make anything look.
  2. the Tortoise Shell Aviators (Shiny Havana ‘Cats 5000’ by Ray-Ban): Self-explanatory. Classic, timeless, seventies. Need I say more?
  3. the Black Ribbed Turtleneck (by Gucci): Turtlenecks and polo necks. I live in them as soon as the temperatures hit the fifties; a cashmere one would be the ideal investment piece, but any wool-silk blend is just as good.
  4. the Emerald Nail Polish (‘Verushcka’ by Zoya): Green is the new black, according to Wicked. It’s a bit more cool than your usual aubergines and burgundies. Plus, it’s named after the seventies supermodel. Let’s not deny it: we buy nail polishes for the names 100% of the time. … Right? (I need affirmation that I’m not the only one who subjects myself to such material superficiality.)
  5. the Red Lipstick (‘Moulin Rouge’ Rouge Artist Intense by Make Up Forever): It’s the ultimate proof that (most) women dress for other women — totally unkissable and vaguely unapproachable, but undeniably sexy. It has a salacious history. I usually don’t get too product specific, but when trust me when I say that if you want a good red lipstick, go straight to Make Up Forever. There’s a myriad of options for every skin tone for starters, and the quality and finish are second to none. I’ve tried enough red lipsticks from brands — drugstore and high-end — where I feel like I’m entitled to tell you that it’s imperative you buy yourself a tube. It’s well worth every pretty penny.
  6. the Cropped Black Skinny (Paris mid-rise by MiH Jeans): The Audrey Hepburn pant. Nothing implies a bit of vintage charm and femininity than a pair of ankle-length pants, denim or tailored. It’s kind of endearing and demure at once.
  7. the Nude Knit Henley (by Topshop): Perfect for those lazy days where even a wardrobe malfunction where you forget to switch from your black to nude bra is permitted. It just looks good. And sexy. Forget the white tee-shirt mes chéries. Just ’cause the books say the white tee is classic doesn’t mean I agree.
  8. the Leather Pencil Skirt (by Topshop): Nice gone naughty. Rock-chic never fails to make a woman look good. Simply shimmying into leather does wonders — she adopts this air of effortless edge that exudes sex appeal.
  9. the Leopard Pump (‘Harrison’ leopard-print pumps by Brian Atwood): Sex on heels. Period.
  10. the Denim Jacket (Coquelicot stretch-denim jacket by Notify): I’m a nineties baby, so including it in the list of essentials was a given from the start (but ironically enough, I never owned one). Throw it over a little black dress to make it wearable for day. Pair it with an all black ensemble with a turtleneck, cropped skinny pant and pump (with a finishing touch of classic gold-rimmed aviators, of course). There’s something cool about the denim jacket. Denim just has that innate quality that never fails in the field of versatility and je ne sais quoi.
  11. the Black Leather Satchel (‘GG Running Tote’ by Gucci): Gucci’s classic black leather tote. Totally. Essential. Not to mention, Gucci makes some of the best bags ever.

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